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Pool Cleaning & Algae Removal in Waco

Waco's heat and wind mean extra pool work, but Poolie has you covered, from exhaustive cleaning to precise chemical balancing. Trust our expertise to keep your oasis perfect despite Waco's challenging conditions.

Waco’s Unique Pool Challenges

Waco summers bring fast-growing algae, increased chemical needs, and water restrictions that complicate maintenance. 

Poolie’s professional cleaning methods tackle these unique challenges head-on. We focus on water efficiency while delivering top-to-bottom cleaning and precise chemical balancing.

Our services ensure your Waco pool stays cool, clean, and ready for fun all season long—maximizing your enjoyment and minimizing waste.

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Back-to-Blue Algae Removal Service

Algae thrive in Waco’s intense heat; fighting them blindly can be a losing battle. 

Poolie identifies your algae enemy (green slime, black patches, or yellow film) and zaps it with the right weapon using shock treatment or algaecide. 

We meticulously clean and trap dead algae, then fine-tune your water balance to ensure these pesky invaders don’t make a comeback. Your murky Waco pool transforms into a clean, clear oasis, ready for endless summer swims!

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Why Hire Poolie for Waco Pool Cleaning?

Poolie’s professional cleaners can be game-changers for Waco’s pool owners. Here’s why: 

  • Your weekends are yours: Skip the pool chores, relax, and enjoy your free time.
  • Clean water, worry-free: Regular cleaning keeps your pool algae-free, debris-free, and chemically balanced.
  • Equipment lasts longer: Expert cleaning includes maintenance that extends the life of your pool equipment.
  • Swim confidently: Know your pool is in top shape and ready for a splash anytime.
  • Save water, save money: Poolie uses efficient methods to keep your pool clean without wasting water.
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Pool Perfection for Every Wacoan

Customized care for your business or backyard oasis.

Backyard Oasis Experts

Tailored care and attention to detail for your home pool, providing a luxurious, worry-free swim experience.

Large Pool Specialists

Dependable, professional upkeep for business and community pools, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and longevity.

Pool Repair & Renewal

Comprehensive repair services, from minor fixes to major overhauls, for a refreshing, reliable swim every time.

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Waco's One-Stop Shop for Pool Repairs

Cracks, leaks, or wonky equipment? Poolie is your one-stop shop for repairs. We tackle issues swiftly, ensuring your pool is in top shape, and your pool fun is uninterrupted.

Leaking Pool

Did your water bill skyrocket to unexpected amounts?

Poolie’s leak detection experts can sniff out hidden leaks before they drain your wallet.  We fix them efficiently, saving you water and money down the line. Ignored leaks can lead to major water loss and even structural damage.

Our professional repairs address the immediate issue, keep your pool leak-free, and extend its lifespan.

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Clogged or Damaged Filter

Is your oasis more swamp than swimmable?

Clogged filters can’t effectively trap debris or maintain water balance, leading to murky conditions and potential health risks. 

That’s why Poolie provides comprehensive filter cleaning, repair, and replacement services to get your filter working efficiently, extend its lifespan, and keep your pool sparkling again.

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Pump Trouble

Poolie can diagnose and fix pump malfunctions quickly, ensuring your pool’s water flow gets back on track.

A functional pump is critical to proper water circulation. When your pump struggles, it leads to stagnant water, increased algae growth, and inefficient filtration. 

Our professional repairs restore your pump’s performance, helping you maintain a healthy, pristine pool environment.

Poolie's Employee fixing Pool Equipment

Light Malfunctions

Nighttime pool parties shouldn’t be a dark affair!

Poolie repairs or replaces malfunctioning pool lights, ensuring your pool area stays illuminated for nighttime swims. 

Proper lighting enhances safety by preventing accidents and creates a magical ambiance for evening gatherings. Whether it’s a flickering bulb, faulty wiring, or outdated fixtures, our professional repairs will have your pool lights shining brightly again.

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Faulty Chlorinator

Don’t let unbalanced pool chemicals make your pool party a health hazard! 

Poolie tackles faulty chlorinators, keeping your chlorine levels in perfect balance. 

A malfunctioning chlorinator can cause real problems: too little chlorine and algae run wild; too much and you’ll be dodging irritated eyes and skin. 

Our expert repairs restore your chlorinator’s efficiency, ensuring it is sparkling clean and safe regardless of season.

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Other Pool Equipment Repairs

If you have issues beyond what’s listed here, don’t hesitate to contact Poolie! We handle everything from minor tweaks to major repairs, ensuring your pool stays in perfect condition. 

Our expertise extends to all aspects of pool maintenance—from diagnosing tricky leaks and filter malfunctions to addressing unexpected equipment failures. 

With Poolie, you’ll benefit from thorough, professional repairs that keep your pool swim-ready.

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Pool Repairs Got You Underwater?

We've Got You Covered!

Explore Your Customized Financing Options

Take the sting out of any project with Poolie's flexible payment options. Our partnership with Hearth provides tailored plans that are built around your budget and unique needs.
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Professional Pool Inspections in Waco

Poolie's all-inclusive inspection dives deep to uncover hidden problems. We then create a custom cleaning plan to keep your pool sparkling and healthy all season, ready for endless summer fun!

Uncover Hidden Leaks and Equipment Problems

Poolie’s advanced pool inspections use cutting-edge tools to uncover hidden leaks, saving you money and preventing potential foundation issues before they drain your wallet (and pool)!

We also identify failing equipment early and prevent premature breakdowns and costly repairs. 

With Poolie’s expert inspections, you can enjoy worry-free pool fun all season long while keeping your water and budget intact.

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Avoid Safety Hazards

Pool safety shouldn’t be a guessing game! 

Hidden cracks, equipment problems, or chemical imbalances can pose serious risks. 

Poolie’s inspectors are trained pros who spot potential hazards before they lead to accidents. By meticulously examining every aspect of your pool, we ensure your Waco pool is a safe swimming environment for all ages.

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Keep Commercial Pools Compliant

Avoid code violations and keep your business afloat! 

Poolie’s professional inspections ensure your commercial Waco pool meets all local safety regulations. We uncover hidden issues and provide a custom plan to maintain compliance and keep swimmers happy. 

With Poolie, you can skip the stress and make a smart business decision, ensuring your pool operates smoothly and adheres to all necessary standards.

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Stress-Free Real Estate Transactions

A professional pool inspection report can be a game-changer whether you’re selling a home with a pool or looking to buy one. 

Selling? A Poolie inspection showcases your pool’s value to potential buyers, boosting confidence and marketability. 

Buying? Our report ensures you’re not inheriting a hidden headache or costly repairs. Don’t let your pool be a dealbreaker.

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What Our Waco Clients Are Saying About Us

“Poolie is great. We’ve been with them for well over a year now and are very happy with their services.

We’ve had 3 other services across 14 years and have relatively good experiences, but I can say that Poolie is by far the best we’ve used.

My favorite thing about Poolie is that they are great communicators, and they always follow through with what they say they will do. The technicians are friendly, professional, and are always respectful to our needs.”

If I could rate Poolie 11 out of 10, I would. Service was excellent, fast and professional. Their techs KNOW pools.

We had an emergency issue and they came out within hours even though they were super busy and the weekend was approaching. Solved our problem and left the pool immaculate.

If you’re looking for either emergency pool work or routine maintenance STOP LOOKING! Sign up with Poolie ASAP. Simply, the best

After having a couple of pool guys utterly fail us, we got a tip on Nextdoor to try Poolie. We’re really happy we did because they have turned our pool from dark green to absolutely blue, and although one time it went back to a lite green, they came out and fixed it within a day.

I’m just so grateful for their service. I recommend them!

Experience the Poolie Difference Yourself!

Locally Owned & Operated

Poolie’s local and knows the local challenges.
Your Waco pool, our expertise!

Fully Insured & Licensed

Waco pool worries? Poolie’s got you!
Our licensed, insured crew cleans, fixes & inspects. Peace of mind guaranteed.

Stress-Free Pool Service, Always

Trusted in Waco and the rest of Central Texas!
Central Texas Over 1,000 pools happy with Poolie!

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