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From Clean to Pristine

From Weekly Cleans to Full Makeovers: We Do It All

Residential Weekly Cleaning Services

For Every Backyard Pool Enthusiast in Texas

Enjoy pristine waters with Poolie’s weekly professional cleaning service.

We balance water chemistry, clear debris, manage bags and baskets, vacuum, brush, and backwash as needed. Post-service, you’ll receive an email report with our activities and tips specific to your Texas pool.

Commercial Cleaning Services

For Comprehensive Commercial Pool Care

For bigger or multi-family pools with bigger needs, our 2-3 times weekly service takes care of water chemistry, heavy debris, bag and basket maintenance, vacuuming, brushing, and backwashing. We provide detailed service logs post-cleaning, ensuring your commercial pool is always ready to impress.

Repair Services

Your Go-to Professionals From Repairs to Revamps

Got a pool problem or dreaming of an upgrade? Poolie’s team of skilled, licensed pros has you covered. From fixing a small leak to overhauling your system for energy savings or smart hot tub control, we handle it all. Trust us for reliable repairs and modern upgrades, keeping your pool at its best!

Pool Perfection for Every Texan

Customized Care For Your Business Or Backyard Oasis.

Backyard Oasis Experts

Tailored care and attention to detail for your home pool, providing a luxurious, worry-free swim experience.

Large Pool Specialists

Dependable, professional upkeep for business and community pools, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and longevity.

Pool Repair & Renewal

Comprehensive repair services, from minor fixes to major overhauls, for a refreshing, reliable swim every time.

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Poolie’s Latest Tips & Tricks

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Chilly pools need love too! Warm it up using Poolie's cool tips for a safe, winter-proof pool.

What Type of Pool Filter is Best?

Choose clarity for your pool and find the filter that meets your pool’s needs, ensuring clean waters await.

Why Does My Pool Get Cracks?

Cracked pool? Poolie dives deep into repair, turning distress to success for your summer swims.