Poolie Financing

Custom-Tailored Financing For Your Pool Projects

Flexible Financing Made Simple

Instantly explore your monthly payment options. No hit to your credit score, no prepayment penalties, and no home equity required.

Expand Your Pool Possibilities

Up to $250,000 in Financing Available

Dream big with Poolie and Hearth! Get access to loans up to $250,000 for your pool project. Whatever your needs and whatever the reason, we’ve got the funding options to keep you afloat.

Simplify Your Pool Financing

Affordable Payments, Tailored for Your Needs

Budget-friendly financing is here. Poolie, in partnership with Hearth, offers comfortable monthly payments. It’s hassle-free financing for your pool, without stretching your wallet.

Fast-Track Your Pool Project

Get Funded in Just 1-3 Days

Why wait? With Hearth, Poolie ensures your pool plans are in motion quickly. Apply today and you could see funding in as little as 1-3 days.

Finance Freely with Poolie

Enjoy No Prepayment Penalties

Embrace the flexibility of financing with no prepayment penalties. With Hearth, you’re free to pay off your loan on your schedule. Poolie makes it simple and stress-free.

Secure Financing with Ease

No Home Equity Needed for Your Pool

Get financing for your pool project without tapping into your home equity. Hearth and Poolie offer smart financing for smart homeowners.

Poolie: Your All-in-One Pool Solution

Whether it's a cozy backyard retreat or a bustling commercial pool, our Poolie pros have it covered. Every service is customized to fit your unique pool care requirements.

Residential Weekly Cleaning Services

Commercial Cleaning Services

Repair Services

Discover Flexible Monthly Payment Options for Your Project

Personalized Plans Tailored to Your Budget

Explore Your Customized Financing Options

Take the sting out of any project with Poolie's flexible payment options. Our partnership with Hearth provides tailored plans that are built around your budget and unique needs.

Poolie’s Latest Tips & Tricks

Freezing Weather Tips for Pools

Chilly pools need love too! Warm it up using Poolie's cool tips for a safe, winter-proof pool.

What Type of Pool Filter is Best?

Choose clarity for your pool and find the filter that meets your pool’s needs, ensuring clean waters await.

Why Does My Pool Get Cracks?

Cracked pool? Poolie dives deep into repair, turning distress to success for your summer swims.