Green Pools: How to Clear Them Up?

Poolie Team: Feb 28, 2024

Has your once crystal-clear pool turned into a murky green mess? Fear not, pool owners, because at Poolie, we’ve got the magic formula to bring your pool back to its dazzling glory! Let’s dive into the mystery of green pools and learn how to clear them up like a pro.

  1. Diagnosing the Green Hue: The first step in treating a green pool is understanding the cause. Algae is usually the culprit behind the green color. There are different types of algae, from tiny green algae to more stubborn black algae. Identifying the type of algae is crucial in selecting the right treatment method.
  2. Brushing and Skimming: Get those brushes and skimmers ready! Start by thoroughly brushing the pool walls and floor to break up the algae. Afterward, skim off any debris and leaves floating on the surface. This will prevent the algae from using them as a food source.
  3. Shock Treatment: Time to shock the pool! Use a pool shock treatment to kill the algae and boost chlorine levels. This helps break down the organic matter and clears up the green hue. Depending on the severity, you might need to repeat the shock treatment over a few days.
  4. Algaecide Attack: For those pesky and stubborn algae strains, an algaecide can be your secret weapon. Choose a suitable algaecide for the type of algae you’re dealing with, and watch it work its magic.
  5. Filtration and Circulation: Keep that water moving! Run your pool pump and filter continuously during the treatment process. Proper filtration and circulation ensure that the algae and debris are effectively removed from the water.

With a little TLC and some expert advice from Poolie, your green pool will be sparkling once again. Don’t let the algae take over your summer fun; take action and clear up the green in no time! Contact Poolie today, and let’s get your pool back to its clear and inviting self.

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