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In-depth Pool Cleaning in San Marcos

Unpredictable San Marcos weather throwing your pool out of whack? Don't let intense sun or crazy storms win! Poolie's weekly cleanings are your secret weapon for a happy, healthy pool all season.

The San Marcos Pool Challenge

San Marcos homeowners, your pool’s got enemies! 

The brutal Texas sun cooks up algae year-round, making it a constant battle. Spring showers turn crystal clear water cloudy with pollen, and summer storms bombard your pool with debris. 

Keeping your oasis sparkling can feel like a DIY nightmare—you need the right tools and know-how. 

Poolie’s got your back with expert cleaning services, ensuring your San Marcos pool remains healthy and hassle-free all season long.

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Benefits of Professional Pool Cleaning

Unsightly stains, stubborn algae, and harmful bacteria don’t stand a chance against professional pool cleaning. Poolie ensures your pool stays crystal-clear and healthy. 

Pool experts like Poolie are your personal water chemists, meticulously balancing chemicals to ensure healthy, safe swimming and catching equipment issues early with their trained eyes.

Most importantly, they provide peace of mind that your pool is always safe, functional, and pristine.

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Poolie’s Pool Cleaning Process

Poolie proudly serves San Marcos, handling both residential and commercial pool care. Our weekly cleaning crew meticulously removes leaves, insects, and surface scum, while also balancing chemicals to eliminate bacteria.

Poolie tackles more than just cleaning. Our team uses targeted treatments to fight algae growth and prevent future outbreaks. 

We also identify and swiftly fix any equipment issues to keep your pool running smoothly.

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Poolie’s Preventative Maintenance

Don’t wait for a pool party disaster! 

Preventative maintenance keeps your San Marcos oasis sparkling and problem-free. 

Regular cleanings prevent filter clogs and reduce equipment strain. Our winterization services protect your pool during the off-season, and we expertly restart it come spring. 

Our thorough inspections catch small issues before they become major leaks or costly repairs, ensuring your pool stays in top-notch condition year-round.

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Pool Perfection for Every San Marcan

Customized care for your business or backyard oasis.

Backyard Oasis Experts

Tailored care and attention to detail for your home pool, providing a luxurious, worry-free swim experience.

Large Pools Specialists

Dependable, professional upkeep for business and community pools, ensuring cleanliness, safety, and longevity.

Pool Repair & Renewal

Comprehensive repair services, from minor fixes to major overhauls, for a refreshing, reliable swim every time.

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San Marcos Algae Removal Service

San Marcos sun cooks up algae FAST! Don't let your pool become a health hazard with irritated skin and breathing problems—yikes! Fight back with Poolie's professional de-greening services.

Algae Type Identification

Green, black, or yellow slime got you down? Poolie precisely identifies your algae woes!

  • Green algae is common and can quickly make your pool murky. 
  • Black algae is tough, embedding itself into surfaces and requiring specialized treatment. 
  • Yellow or mustard algae is sneaky and clings stubbornly to pool walls and floors. 

Poolie’s professional algae removal services tackle them all; trust our expertise to handle any algae problem, big or small.

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Deep Cleaning

A dirty pool is an algae party waiting to happen! 

Poolie’s deep cleaning services tackle the toughest grime. We start by skimming leaves and debris off the surface, then scrub every inch of your pool walls and floor to dislodge stubborn algae and dirt. Finally, our powerful vacuum system sucks up all the gunk. 

With Poolie, you get a sparkling clean pool from top to bottom, guaranteed. Say goodbye to algae and hello to crystal-clear water.

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Targeted Treatment

Poolie knows how to tackle each algae type with precision. Our experts tailor the treatment to your specific needs, using potent algaecides or shock treatments to eradicate algae effectively. 

Whether it’s the typical green variety, tenacious black algae, or sneaky yellow patches, Poolie selects the right weapon to restore your pool’s clarity and safety. 

With our targeted approach, your pool stays sparkling clean and algae-free.

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Filtration Frenzy

Poolie cleans and optimizes filters, transforming them into your pool’s first line of defense against algae. 

By thoroughly removing debris and ensuring filters function at peak efficiency, we trap dead algae and prevent future growth, effectively intercepting algae spores before they can take hold in your crystal-clear water.

Enjoy a sparkling, algae-free pool with optimized filtration that keeps the water crystal clear.

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Chemical Calibration

Poolie fine-tunes your pool water, expertly testing and adjusting pH and chlorine levels for the perfect chemical balance. 

This meticulous attention to detail creates an inhospitable environment for algae,  effectively serving as the ultimate defense against unwanted slime. Ensuring optimal water chemistry leaves no room for algae to grow back. 

Trust Poolie to keep your pool water crystal clear and perfectly balanced, safeguarding your oasis all season long.

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Optional Algae Defense Plan

Beat algae year-round with Poolie! We create a custom defense plan and ongoing maintenance routine explicitly tailored to your pool’s needs. 

Our expert team identifies the type of algae affecting your pool and uses targeted treatments to eliminate it. We then establish a proactive maintenance schedule to prevent future outbreaks, ensuring your pool stays crystal clear. 

With Poolie’s personalized approach, you can enjoy a pristine, algae-free pool no matter the season.

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Pool Repairs Got You Underwater?

We've Got You Covered!

Explore Your Customized Financing Options

Take the sting out of any project with Poolie's flexible payment options. Our partnership with Hearth provides tailored plans that are built around your budget and unique needs.
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Trustworthy Pool Repairs in San Marcos

Is your San Marcos pool swim-ready? Don't let a cracked filter or sneaky leak sideline your pool party plans. Poolie’s your problem-solving squad, expertly fixing leaky pipes, noisy pumps, and anything in between.

Warning Signs Your Pool Needs Repair

Noticed unexplained water loss? Your pool might be leaking! Cloudy or green water could signal a chemical imbalance or equipment trouble. 

Loud grinding noises from pumps or filters? That’s a sign of internal damage. Cracks in the pool structure, liner, or equipment? Time to call in the Poolie pros!

Our certified Poolie technicians diagnose and fix problems fast, ensuring your San Marcos oasis stays sparkling and safe all season. Trust us for precise, meticulous pool repairs.

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Hire a Pro for Repairs Done Right

Say goodbye to late-night poolside Googling! Poolie’s pros are your secret weapon against pool woes. 

We wield years of experience and the right tools to diagnose any mystery, from leaky pipes to malfunctioning pumps. 

Early intervention saves you money and prevents significant headaches down the road. But the real win? You get to ditch the stress and simply enjoy your sparkling oasis. 

Let Poolie handle the pool drama so you can focus on the fun.

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Poolie’s Pool Repairs in San Marcos

Poolie’s your one-stop shop for pool repairs, such as:

  • Leak Detection and Repair: We use high-tech leak detection tools to find and fix leaks quickly, preventing water loss and further damage.
  • Filter Cleaning and Replacement: Don’t let a dirty or broken filter ruin your pool fun! We’ll clean yours or install a new one hassle-free.
  • Pump Repair and Replacement: Is your pool pump feeling sluggish? No sweat. We’ll diagnose and fix the issue, or recommend a suitable replacement.
  • Pool Liner Repair and Replacement: Is your pool liner looking a little worse for wear? We’ll upgrade your pool with a brand-new liner.

With Poolie’s expert repairs, you prevent mistakes and extend the life of your pool.

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What Our San Marcos Clients Are Saying About Us

“Poolie is great. We’ve been with them for well over a year now and are very happy with their services.

We’ve had 3 other services across 14 years and have relatively good experiences, but I can say that Poolie is by far the best we’ve used.

My favorite thing about Poolie is that they are great communicators, and they always follow through with what they say they will do. The technicians are friendly, professional, and are always respectful to our needs.”

If I could rate Poolie 11 out of 10, I would. Service was excellent, fast and professional. Their techs KNOW pools.

We had an emergency issue and they came out within hours even though they were super busy and the weekend was approaching. Solved our problem and left the pool immaculate.

If you’re looking for either emergency pool work or routine maintenance STOP LOOKING! Sign up with Poolie ASAP. Simply, the best

After having a couple of pool guys utterly fail us, we got a tip on Nextdoor to try Poolie. We’re really happy we did because they have turned our pool from dark green to absolutely blue, and although one time it went back to a lite green, they came out and fixed it within a day.

I’m just so grateful for their service. I recommend them!

3 Reasons You Need Pool Inspection

Thinking about a pool inspection for your San Marcos pool?

Peace of Mind & Safety

Poolie’s team finds hidden pool issues before they cause leaks, cracks, or safety hazards. 

Our thorough inspections detect potential problems early, whether a compromised structure, faulty equipment, or chemical imbalances. This proactive approach ensures your pool remains safe and sound for all swimmers. 

Knowing you have a clean and safe pool gives you peace of mind, letting you enjoy your oasis without worry. With professional inspections, safety is always a top priority.

Poolie's illustration of a female employee, standing with a thumbs' up.

Prevent Costly Repairs

Poolie’s proactive inspections identify minor equipment issues before they escalate into major repairs. 

Catching these small problems early prevents costly repairs and extends your pool’s lifespan. 

Poolie’s expert crew meticulously checks every component, from pumps and filters to liners and plumbing. This foresight saves you money and ensures your pool remains functional and enjoyable for years to come.

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Protect Your Investment

Selling your home? Impress buyers with a professional pool inspection report! 

This report boosts your property value, showcases the pool’s excellent condition, and assures potential buyers it’s a low-maintenance, reliable, and enjoyable asset instead of a hidden expense.

A thorough inspection highlights your commitment to upkeep, making your home more attractive and market-ready.

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Experience the Poolie Difference Yourself!

Locally Owned & Operated

San Marcos pools, San Marcos care!
We know the local challenges by heart & fix pools fast.

Fully Insured & Licensed

Relax & unwind, Poolie’s on it!
We’re licensed, insured, and leave your pool clean, clear and safe, guaranteed.

Stress-Free Pool Service, Always

Over 1,000+ Central Texas neighbors swim happy with Poolie!

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San Marcos Pool Service You Can Depend On

San Marcos pool got you down? Poolie’s your one-stop shop for pool happiness! 

We handle cleaning, repairs, and inspections for swim-ready pools all season long. 

Ditch the worry and get a custom plan for your pool.

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