Why Does My Pool Get Cracks?

Poolie Team: Feb 28, 2024

Oh no! Cracks in your pool can be quite distressing, but fear not, because Poolie is here to help you understand why they happen and how to address them. Let’s dive into the deep end of pool cracks and discover what might be causing these unwelcome visitors.

  1. Soil Settlement: One common reason for pool cracks is soil settlement. Over time, the ground beneath your pool can shift and settle, causing stress on the pool structure. This is more likely to happen if the pool wasn’t installed on a stable and properly compacted base.
  2. Temperature Changes: Extreme temperature fluctuations can also lead to pool cracks. During cold weather, the pool may contract, and during hot weather, it may expand. This continuous expansion and contraction can create stress points, leading to cracks over time.
  3. Poor Construction: Improper construction and installation can be a significant culprit behind pool cracks. If the pool shell was not built to withstand the forces of water pressure and external elements, cracks may appear sooner rather than later.
  4. Water Leaks: A leaking pool can cause the surrounding soil to erode, creating voids around the pool structure. This void can cause the pool shell to shift and crack. Regular pool maintenance and timely detection of leaks are crucial in preventing this issue.
  5. Natural Ground Movement: Sometimes, natural geological shifts or seismic activity can affect the ground beneath your pool. While this may not be entirely preventable, proper pool construction and regular inspections can help minimize the impact.

Conclusion: Pool cracks may seem like a pool owner’s worst nightmare, but with proper care and attention, they can be managed and repaired. At Poolie, we’re experts in diagnosing and addressing pool cracks, ensuring your pool remains a solid and enjoyable oasis for years to come. Don’t let cracks ruin your pool fun; let Poolie keep your pool in top shape. Contact us today, and let’s put an end to those pesky cracks!

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