Breathe New Life into Your New Braunfels Pool With Poolie’s Pros [Featured Image]

Breathe New Life into Your New Braunfels Pool With Poolie’s Pros

Poolie Team: Apr 23, 2024

With summer temperatures in New Braunfels, Texas ranging from 110 to 112 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s no wonder swimming pools are everywhere in the city.
While public options like Schlitterbahn offer a temporary escape during peak season, their closures leave a void for the rest of the year. Indoor havens like Das Rec provide a climate-controlled alternative, but membership fees can add up. This is where your own private pool shines!
Owning a pool in New Braunfels grants you year-round access to cool water and backyard fun. But with that privilege comes the responsibility of repairing issues for safe and refreshing swims.
In this post, we’ll explain the typical New Braunfels pool problems you might face and offer some tips for avoiding those dreaded repairs with a little extra TLC.

How to Identify and Handle Common Pool Problems

New Braunfels’ beautiful weather comes with a downside for pools. The relentless sun and extra debris can lead to quicker wear and tear. It’s best to identify and tackle pool problems as they arise.
The three most common pool issues are leaks, pump malfunctions, or filter trouble.

Pool Leak Detection

Leaks are some of the trickiest problems pool owners face. If there’s a sudden drop in water level, soggy patches around the pool, and an unexplained increase in your water bill, there’s a possibility of a leak.
How can you be sure these are leaks, though? You can perform a simple bucket test.
Place a bucket filled with water on a pool step (make sure it’s stable) and mark the water levels inside and outside the bucket.
After 24 hours, if the pool water level has dropped more than the water inside the bucket, it’s likely a leak.
Locating a leak can be more challenging.
Start by inspecting the pool for visible cracks or tears, especially where the walls meet the floor. You can also look for wet spots in the surrounding area.
If you spot a potential leak, a temporary fix could involve patch kits, but this is only for minor issues.
Leaks are often a symptom of a larger problem in plumbing or pool structures. If you are unsure where the leak is, it’s best to hire pool repair professionals to pinpoint and fix the issue for you.

Pump and Filter Troubleshooting

A well-functioning pump and filter are the heart and kidneys of your pool.
If you hear strange pump noises or notice reduced water flow, troubleshoot ASAP.
Debris in the pool water indicates that the filter needs attention. You can handle simple tasks like resetting the pump and cleaning the filter.
If you want to DIY, consult the manufacturer’s manual for your pump and filter. It can offer model-specific advice that is incredibly helpful.
Sometimes, a clogged impeller or a worn-out seal could be the culprit. These issues need a deeper dive into the pump mechanics. It’s better to leave complex mechanical failures like these to the pros. They have the right tools and expertise to diagnose and fix your pool equipment.

Get Your Pool Back in Shape with Professional Pool Repair Help

If left unaddressed, a persistent leak, malfunctioning pump, or busted filter system can all lead to more extensive and costly problems. For complex systems and emergency repairs like these, go with certified pool technicians.
Here are other instances where professional help is highly recommended:

Emergency Pool Repair Scenarios

There are pool emergencies that require immediate professional attention, such as:

  • pool rapidly losing water,
  • a strange electrical smell coming from the pump area,
  • severe crack in your pool structure,
  • murky water despite regular cleaning,
  • pump making loud noises or
  • pump failing to start.

Qualified pool repair experts are equipped to diagnose and fix these urgent issues swiftly.

Long-Term Upgrades and Solutions

Sometimes, the best defense is a good offense. Consider long-term upgrades and solutions.
Got water quality issues? A saltwater system conversion or a UV disinfection system could solve this.
Invest in newer, energy-efficient pumps, advanced filtration systems, or automated cleaning technologies. These modern components save you money and significantly enhance your pool experience.
Consult a pool pro for upgrade recommendations based on your needs and budget.
If you live in New Braunfels, join the Poolie tribe for advice about the latest pool technologies or any concerns.

Poolie: New Braunfels’ Trusted Pool Repair Service

Poolie has become the go-to service for New Braunfels pool owners.
Our Poolie technicians take rapid response times seriously. They understand that every moment counts, so they jump into action to resolve issues quickly and effectively. This way, clients can return to enjoying the pool as soon as possible.

Who are We? Repair Services We Offer

Poolie’s story begins with a dedicated group of pool enthusiasts who turned their passion into a thriving service for the New Braunfels community.
The Poolie team is not just a group of professionals. They’re your neighbors, fully equipped with the expertise and credentials to handle your pool care needs, but with a personal touch.
Guided by core values of integrity, innovation, and excellence, Poolie has served the local community with a smile and a commitment to leaving every pool better than they found it.
At Poolie, we understand the complexities of pool ownership. That’s why we offer comprehensive repair services to tackle any issue that might cloud your swimming experience.

Pool Leak Detection
There’s an art to detecting pool leaks, and Poolie has mastered it.
We ensure a thorough, non-invasive leak detection process with state-of-the-art techniques and equipment.
Our experts meticulously analyze your pool’s structure and plumbing system to pinpoint the exact cause of water loss.

Pump and Filter Repair
If your pool pump starts acting up or your water isn’t as clear as it used to be, it might be time for a Poolie check-up.
We look for the tell-tale signs: unusual noises, weak water flow, or even pools of water that shouldn’t be there.
Once we identify the issue, we’ll explain it in plain language. We’ll then recommend targeted solutions and regular maintenance programs to extend the life of your pool pump and filter.

Emergency Repair Services
Because emergencies don’t wait for a convenient time, neither do we.
Poolie’s emergency repair services are perfect for moments when time is of the essence—be it a broken heater on a chilly day or a filtration system failure before the big pool party.
Our swift response ensures that further damage is prevented and your peace of mind is restored.

Dive Into Exceptional Pool Care with Poolie

Are you looking for a pool service partner who lives and breathes Texas pool care? Or someone who can diagnose possible leaks or unusual noises in your pool?
At Poolie, we investigate pool emergencies thoroughly and repair them immediately. Our skilled technicians then craft a pool care plan tailored to your needs.
Please complete the form below to start a pressure-free conversation with our Poolie pros. Let us know what you’ve been missing or what you truly desire from your pool service.
While we aim to be the best at pool repairs, the friendly Poolie team is also here to understand your vision for an idyllic pool paradise. Together, we’ll turn this vision into reality and give you the carefree pool experience you deserve.

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