In-ground Pool Troubleshooting: Expert Repair Tips for Every Homeowner [Featured Image]

In-ground Pool Troubleshooting: Expert Repair Tips for Every Homeowner

Poolie Team: May 17, 2024

A well-maintained in-ground pool is the crown jewel of any backyard, offering not just an escape from the summer heat but also a hub for family fun, fitness, and relaxation. 

But beyond the shimmering blue waters is a responsibility every pool owner knows all too well: maintenance. 

Regular care is crucial to ensuring your pool remains a safe and enjoyable retreat for years. Neglecting this can lead to many issues, ranging from minor inconveniences to major safety hazards.

Understanding the various aspects of pool maintenance, recognizing when repairs are needed, and knowing whether to DIY or call in the pool repair specialist are all critical to pool ownership. 

Let’s get started on the path to a well-maintained inground pool. 

Is Your Pool Begging for Repairs? Here’s How to Tell

Regular pool maintenance is your best defense against the issues that can arise from neglect. Without it, small problems can quickly escalate, potentially resulting in costly repairs or, even worse, compromising the safety of you and your loved ones.

Spot Pool Leaks Early to Conserve Water and Cut Costs

Detecting pool leaks early prevents water wastage and additional expenses. 

The bucket test is a simple yet effective DIY method: Fill a bucket with water, mark the water levels inside and outside, and after 24 hours, compare the two. If the pool water has dropped more than the water inside the bucket, you may have a leak. 

Also, watch out for wet spots around the poolside, which can indicate a leak in the plumbing.

Cracks and Surface Damage: Not Just Cosmetic

Cracks and surface damage aren’t just ugly; they can also pose serious risks to the pool’s structural integrity.

Broken  tiles, for instance, can indicate an underlying problem with the pool foundation, while unchecked surface damage can lead to more extensive erosion or leaks.

Equipment Malfunction: Beyond the Obvious

The pool pump and filter work tirelessly to keep the water clean and clear. 

However, when pool equipment starts to fail, it’s not always accompanied by loud noises or a complete shutdown. It might begin with subtle signs like a slight decrease in water circulation, abnormal noises, or even a small leak in the pump housing. 

These issues need immediate attention before they become full-blown problems that can disrupt your pool’s operation and spoil your swimming experience.

Essential In-ground Pool Repairs You Should Know About

Even with careful upkeep, inground pools will eventually show signs of use and weather damage. Knowing how to fix things helps protect your pool and keeps it enjoyable for a long time.

Fixing Pool Structure

In any in-ground pool, structural issues are bound to surface. Cracks in the concrete, the breakdown of the pool liner, and the deterioration of expansion joints are potential safety hazards. 

Surface Resurfacing

Surface resurfacing is often necessary to address wear and damage from years of use and exposure to chemicals and weather. If your pool’s surface is flaking, staining, or worn down, it’s time to resurface. 

This process typically involves removing the old surface and applying new material, such as plaster, aggregate, or tile. High-quality resurfacing can prolong the life of your pool for 10 to 15 years, depending on the material used and the level of pool maintenance.

Liner Replacement

Over time, liners can become brittle and crack due to sun exposure and chemical use, causing leaks. Signs like wrinkles, fading, or tearing indicate it’s time for a replacement. 

The process involves draining the pool, removing the old liner, prepping the surface, and installing a new one. Upgrading your liner can make your pool look better and protect it from future damage.

Concrete Crack Repair

Cracks in a concrete pool can range from superficial to structural, with potential to cause leaks or further deterioration. These happen because of ground movement, poor construction, or simply age. 

You can repair them by injecting a sealant to fill and bond the crack or using a waterproof compound to seal the crack.

Expansion Joint Repair

Expansion joints absorb the movement of your pool and surrounding deck due to temperature changes, preventing cracking. If these joints deteriorate, it could compromise the pool’s structure. 

Repair typically involves resealing the joint with an elastomeric sealant to keep movement smooth and maintain a waterproof barrier. 

Plumbing and Filtration System Repairs

A pool’s pipework and filtration system keeps the water clear and clean. They’re essential for circulating and filtering out impurities, and when they malfunction, it can lead to cloudy water, inefficient heating, or even health hazards. 

Plumbing Leaks

Detecting and repairing plumbing leaks early can save you water and costs. Common indications of a leak include water near the pool’s equipment, unexplained water loss, and air bubbles coming from the return lines. 

Pressure testing can identify the location of a leak, while spot minor repairs, pipe replacement, or resealing fittings will correct the issue and restore the integrity of your plumbing.

Filter Maintenance

Filters like sand, cartridge, and DE have their own maintenance requirements. Signs that your filter needs attention include reduced water flow, increased pressure readings, or visible debris after filtering. 

You need to clean the filter weekly per the manufacturer’s instructions and replace the filter media or components to maintain optimal performance and water clarity.

Skimmer and Return Line Repair

Skimmers and return lines are crucial in water circulation and debris removal. Issues like cracks, leaks, or blockages can affect their performance. 

Repairing or replacing damaged skimmers or return lines ensures proper water flow and prevents potential problems with water quality.

Surface and Style Upkeep

Maintaining the appearance of your pool landscape not only enhances your enjoyment but can also forestall underlying issues.

Tile and Coping Repair

Cracked or loose tiles can be entry points for water that can damage the pool’s underlying structure. 

Repairing or replacing damaged tiles and coping not only restores your pool’s beauty but also preserves its structure.

Deck Repair

A well-maintained deck is essential for pool safety and enjoyment. Cracks, uneven surfaces, or pitting can all be tripping hazards and may indicate more serious issues. 

Repairing a deck might involve patching, resurfacing, or releveling to ensure a safe and aesthetically pleasing pool area.

Equipment Maintenance

Your pool’s pumps, motors, heaters, and other equipment are crucial for keeping your pool environment safe and comfortable. Malfunctioning equipment can result in poor water quality, insufficient heating or filtration, and even safety risks. 

Pump and Motor Repair

Pumps and motors are the heart of your pool’s circulation system. Symptoms of a problem can include loud noises, leaks, or a drop in water flow. 

Prompt repairs or replacements are necessary to prevent further damage to the pool system and ensure optimal functioning.

Heater Repair

A properly functioning pool heater is essential for a comfortable swimming experience, especially in cooler climates. Issues with pool heaters can manifest as failure to heat the pool to the desired temperature, inefficient operation, or pilot light problems. 

Heater repairs could involve troubleshooting components like the thermostat, heat exchanger, or burner.

Do It Yourself or Call an Expert? Making the Wise Choice

Every pool owner will eventually face the dilemma: to DIY and tackle pool repairs themselves or to dial up the pros and let them handle the task. This decision can impact not just your pool’s condition but also your wallet and peace of mind.

Tackling Pool Repairs Yourself: Is It Worth It?

DIY pool repairs can save money and feel rewarding.


  • Cost Savings: Managing repairs on your own can save the labor costs associated with professional services.
  • Flexibility: You can work on your pool at your convenience.
  • Learning Experience: Each repair enhances your understanding of your pool’s operation.


  • Risk of Mistakes: Without the necessary expertise, you can exacerbate the problem, leading to more costly repairs.
  • Time Investment: Researching and performing repairs can be time-consuming.
  • Tool and Equipment Costs: Some repairs might require specialized tools that you’ll need to purchase or rent.

Professional Pool Repairs

For many, the peace of mind that comes with professional pool repairs is priceless.


  • Expertise: Pool service professionals have the training and experience to correctly diagnose and repair complex issues.
  • Warranty and Guarantees: Professional repairs often come with a warranty, offering protection if issues arise post-repair.
  • Time-Saving: Hiring an expert frees up your time so you can enjoy other activities.


  • Higher Initial Cost: For professional services, you’ll need to budget for both labor and materials.
  • Availability: You must work around the service provider’s schedule.

The Path to a Well-Maintained In-ground Pool

Maintaining a sparkling, well-functioning in-ground pool requires regular attention and prompt action when issues arise. This means spotting leaks early and tackling structural and equipment repairs.

Remember, when it comes to pool maintenance, an ounce of prevention is worth a pool of cure. By staying on top of regular maintenance and addressing issues early, you’ll ensure a safe and delightful swimming experience for everyone who takes the plunge.

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